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What's this about?

The Rock Box Record Store is an independent record shop located in Camberley, Surrey, and has been running since 1987

Mark asked to help with his E-Commerce website, as it was loading far too slow and there were errors all over the place.

We advised Mark and helped move his website to a much faster and more reliable hosting solution, as well as fix the multitude of errors the previous developer had left behind.

We’re pleased the site now loads in split seconds, has no errors, and his customers are back ordering again

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At the recommendation of a graphic designer I had used, I recently hired Paradox Digital to do a complete reboot on both my branding and my website. [They were] a pleasure to work with despite the massive time differences between us. They delivered on all my wishes for the logo and site and continue to make tweaks and field my queries on an on-going basis. I highly recommend Paradox Digital for your logo and web design needs!

Lisa Stone, Parenting Aces

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