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Your logo is not your brand, it’s part of it, the standard-bearer even, but there is a lot more to a brand than the logo. Colour, imagery, typography, language, Illustration, video, sound and even touch can be composite parts of your brand when considered and consistent.

Branding sets you apart from your competitors, gives your company it’s tone of voice, adds value to your offering and engages customers. It’s a way of clearly highlighting what makes your business different to, and more desirable than, anyone else’s.

Your brand should create a calling card in the minds of consumers who choose products and services using both emotional and practical judgements.

Brand Strategy

When we think about how to brand or rebrand a business, its products or services, or we want to get an idea of where a brand is at present, we will always ask the following questions:

  • The Big Idea: What’s at the heart of your company?
  • Values: What do you believe in?
  • Vision: Where are you going?
  • Personality: How do you want to come across?
  • Your customers: Who are you targeting?

Having in-depth knowledge of so many disciplines makes us quite a rare breed in the creative industry. This is great news for our clients because it means they can work with just one agency across many marketing channels, ensuring a consistent joined-up and strategic result.

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Brand Identity

At Paradox Digital we love creating Brand IDs.

We can create something new or refresh your existing branding, we can even come up with your company or product name. Generally, a Brand ID will consist of:

  • Company Name
  • Logo
  • Colour palette
  • Fonts & Typography
  • Packing Design
  • Key supporting assets such as social media graphics.
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Branded collateral

Good graphic design runs through all our creative work, it’s at the core of our business.

Our designs will always be engaging, cut to the message and on-brand, whether they are destined to be seen online, on-shelf or printed pages – even on the side of a van.

  • Brochures
  • Corporate Magazines
  • Exhibitions
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Banners
  • Branded clothing
  • Corporate Gifting

Everybody knows first impressions count, we make sure the message and delivery are spot on too.

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Brand Guidelines & Toolkits

To ensure consistency and a professional first impression of any business, a brand guide is essential. Having invested in its creation you do no not want to leave the interpretation of your brand to chance.

A brand style guide explains how your organisation presents itself to the world through its logo, font usage, colour palette, photographic style, language and much more if required. Having an easy to follow set of brand guidelines ensures that your brand looks and feels the same, even when you have different people, departments or agencies creating your marketing and communications.

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The pen is mightier than the sword

The task of creating written content for marketing material can be daunting – we are not all closet Shakespeares after all, but fear not, copywriting help is at hand.

We can write SEO-friendly but meaningful website text, snappy copy for your direct marketing campaign, customer magazine articles, brochure content or video scripts. We’re wordsmiths with a great understanding of marketing and will look at the world from your customer’s perspective. We have written everything from glossy women’s magazine features to white papers for the IT and telecoms industry.

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